The Aleali May x Jordan collabs

The Aleali May x Jordan collabs

She is a model, stylist, fashion consultant, sneaker designer and so on. Of course we’re talking about none other than Aleali May. With her passion for hip-hop and basketball culture, she joined the Jordan Brand family in 2016.

The aleali May x Jordan collabs

Aleali May is a huge inspiration for many of us. She just released her fifth Jordan collaboration, the Jordan 14 ‘Fortune’. But which 5 pairs did she design? And which one was the first Aleali May x Jordan sneaker? Let’s take a closer look at all the 5 Aleali May x Jordan collabs.

1. Jordan 1 High Aleali May Shadow

the aleali may x jordan collabs

In 2017, Aleali May released her first Jordan. Aleali May grew up around a lot of boys and always wanted to be like her Uncle G. He is the one who always bought her all the Jordans. She always wore Jordan Satin shorts, with slip-ons or Jordans. That’s also where her inspiration for the ‘Satin Shadows’ comes from.

2. Jordan 1 High Aleali May Court Lux

aleali may x jordan collabs

One year after Aleali May designed her first sneaker for the Jordan brand, she came with another one. Aleali May designed, together with basketball player Maya Moore, the ‘Court Lux’ Jordan pack. For this collaboration they both highlighted their favorite Jordan silhouette. The Jordan 10 for Maya and the Jordan 1 for Aleali May. The ‘Court Lux’ Jordans were a Womens release and are inspired by elements from Maya’s and Aleali May’s individual backgrounds. But also to bridge basketball and fashion.

3. Jordan 6 Aleali May Millennial Pink

aleali may x jordan collabs

In 2019, two years after her first Jordan collaboration, Aleali May released her third Jordan. For her third collaboration with the Jordan Brand, she designed a Jordan 6. The Jordan 6 silhouette was her go-to sneaker in Chicago, where she went to University. Aleali May learned a lot more about the culture of Jordan at her time in Chicago. The Millennial Pink colorway sums up the dual-gender approach. For Aleali May, Millennial Pink is not just soft, it can be hard, too. She wanted to show that the newer generation of kids are able to wear whatever they want.

4. Jordan 1 High Zoom CMFT Aleali May ‘Califia’

aleali may x jordan collabs

Two years after her third Jordan collaboration, Aleali May finally came back with a new Jordan release! And not just a sneaker this time. The ‘Califia’ collection also includes an apparel collaboration. For her ‘Califia’ collaboration, Aleali May got inspired by the colors, textures and spirit of her drill team. Shanora Holloway was her drill coach back in the days and helped her grow as a person beyond the gym and field.

5. Jordan 14 Aleali May ‘Fortune’

aleali may x jordan collabs

This year, Aleali May surprised us again with another Jordan collab. And again, with a beautiful story behind the design. This time, Aleali May designed a Jordan 14. The Jordan 14 ‘Fortune’ is inspired by Aleali May’s first pieces of jewelry, given to her as a little girl by both of her grandmothers. You can read more about the story behind Aleali May’s fifth Jordan collaboration in this blog.

Which Jordan silhouette would you like to see next as an Aleali May x Jordan collaboration?

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