In 1985 Michael Jordan was the rookie of the year and played in the All-Star game with the Nike Air Jordan 1 High Banned. This was the first shoe to be worn in the NBA with multiple colours. Peter Moore was the man behind the Air Jordan 1. When Michael Jordan first looked at the high Nike Air Jordan 1, his response was: “I’m not wearing that shoe. I’ll look like a clown”. With time, the shoe slowly grew on him. What started as a basketball sneaker, quickly crossed over into pop culture and is now a well-known silhouette.

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The Nike Air Jordan 1 High, and the sneaker in general, belongs to one of the world’s most popular sneakers. It is a classic sneaker model which was very revolutionary in the year it was released, especially the variant with black and red. Between 1985 and 1986, the Nike Air Jordan 1 High was introduced in 23 different colours. Today, the series is still continually expanding with new, unique sneakers with interesting colourways. Every lover of this sneaker model will find the perfect pair of sneakers in the Sneakin web shop. We always closely monitor the new releases from this series, both the popular and limited editions, so you can stay on trend.

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Have you found your favourite Nike Air Jordan 1 High, such as the Jordan 1 Bred or Chicago? Then you can easily order your pair of sneakers in our web shop. You are always ensured of 100% authentic sneakers, thanks to our accurate quality checks. Are you looking for a specific sneaker which you cannot find in our range? Then we are eager to help you. If you have any requests or questions about our products, please fill out the contact form.

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