Designed by Tinker Hatfield, the Nike Air Max 1 sneaker was born in 1987. Hatfield was inspired by the Centre of Pompidou in the ‘city of love’, Paris. The sneaker is known for its visible Air cushioning. After the debut, the Nike Air Max 1 were released in numerous colourways, styles and versions. They became a hot topic for the very close community in The Netherlands.

The famous Nike Air Max 1 in various variants

Among both men and women, the Air Max 1 is a very popular sneaker. The ‘window’ into the soul and sole of the Swoosh fully characterises this sneaker model from Nike. This also counts for the perfect combination of style and comfort. Do you have to take a long walk? Thanks to the Nike Air Max 1, this is not a problem anymore. Sneakin offers the newest Air Max 1’s in the world of sneakers at competitive prices. Moreover, we always make sure that our customers purchase a 100% authentic sneaker. This is also the case if you buy, for example, Purple Air Jordans, Travis Scott Jordan 1's, or other exclusive Nike sneakers.

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