The upcoming: Nike Air Max 1 x Patta

The upcoming: Nike Air Max 1 x Patta

The Patta Wave continues. After the Air Max 1 Patta Monarch, the Air Max 1 Noise Aqua and the Air Max 1 Rush Maroon, Patta revealed the fourth colorway. This black colorway was revealed by Patta’s friend @unionlosangeles.

The upcoming Air Max 1 Patta Black

Air Max 1 patta black

Simular for all four colorways is the wavy mudguard. As you can see, the mudguard on these Air Max 1’s don’t have a straight line. They have a wavy mudguard, which caught our eyes immediately.

Air Max 1 patta wave pack

But when will Patta release this fourth colorway? We heard that this black colorway might be a shop exclusive.

Do you think the ‘Sneaker of the year’ is one of these Air Max x Patta colorways? They definitely made the Air Max 1 more popular again! Let’s see if the love for this silhouette continues in 2022.

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