The Story Behind: Jordan 1 High Rebellionaire

The Story Behind: Jordan 1 High Rebellionaire

We’re always happy to see another Jordan 1 release! On March 12th the Jordan Brand released the Jordan 1 High ‘Rebellionaire’. In ‘The Story Behind’ blogs we take a closer look at the story behind a sneaker, not only to appreciate their beauty, but also to learn a bit more about the story behind the design.

the story behind Jordan 1 high rebellionaire

With the Jordan 1 High Rebellionaire, the Jordan Brand pays homage to Michael Jordan’s defiance against league rules, after he wore his first signature sneaker on the hardwood. As Micheal Jordan continued to wear these Jordan 1 high ‘Banned’, Nike ended up paying the fines from $5000 each game.

As you can see, the Jordan 1 High Rebellionaire features the same color blocking as the Jordan 1 High Shadow, with a leather upper and lettering printed throughout the whole sneaker. The lettering says ‘They can’t stop you from wearing them’, inspired by the Jordan 1 commercial from 1985.

The Story Behind Jordan 1 High Rebellionaire

On the back of the heels you can see the red Xs. The shadow outsole and white midsole finish off the Jordan 1 High Rebellionaire.

The story behind jordan 1 high rebellionaire


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