The story behind: Air Jordan High LA to Chicago

The story behind: Air Jordan High LA to Chicago

Let’s take a closer look on another sneaker today in a new ‘The Story Behind’. This week we’ll learn a bit more about a very special Jordan 1. It’s a collab between Air Jordan and Nike SB. Yes, I’m talking about the Jordan 1 LA to Chicago! Let’s find out more about this sneaker.

Jordan 1 LA to Chicago close up shot in hand

This Jordan 1 LA to Chicago not only pays tribute to the Jordan brand, but also to the Skateboarding history. And did you know that the purple and gold colorway is inspired by the Los Angeles Lakers theme? That’s not all, this pair has more…

Once the colors rubbed off, the Los Angeles Lakers theme will disappear, and a new colorway shows up. Do you know which colorway that is? You can already guess it by the name of this sneaker, Jordan 1 LA to Chicago. The LA colorway will change into a Chicago colorway with red and black. How dope is that?

The story behind Jordan 1 LA to Chicago het verhaal achter

The Jordan 1 LA to Chicago released in 2019, together with another colorway: The Jordan 1 NYC to Paris! Which colorway do you like more? And would you love to see another collab between the Air Jordan brand and Nike SB? We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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