Get to know @lindahelder

Get to know @lindahelder

It’s Monday and that means we’re back with a new ‘Get to know’. In this series we will talk with some people in the sneaker community to learn more about their passion and the person behind the sneaker collection. This week we talked with @lindahelder. She definitely has one of the craziest collections you’ll ever see. Believe me, her room looks like a sneakerstore. Let’s get to know the girl behind this sneakercollection a bit better!

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Hi Linda! We’re so happy to have you here. For those who don’t know you, can you tell a little bit more about @lindahelder?

Hi, my name is Linda. I’m 22 years-old and I live in Zaandam, near Amsterdam. As many of you already know, I’m in love with sneakers, especially with Jordans. Besides that, I’m a tattoo artist with my own tattoo studio.

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Your sneaker collection is insane! When and how did your passion for sneakers start?

My passion for sneakers started back in 2014, when I started to make my own money. It all started with a simple Nike Air Force and an Adidas Stan Smith.

You already have a lot of sneakers, but if you could choose any pair right now to add to your collection, which sneaker would you choose and why?

There are so many sneakers I want to add to my collection. But my number 1 grail is still the Jordan 1 UNC OW.

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This is a difficult one… What’s your top 3 sneakers of your collection?

  1. AJ1 Aleali May Shadow
  2. AJ1 Chicago OW
  3. AJ4 Union Off Noir

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If you could wear only one pair of sneakers for the rest of your life, which one would you choose and why?

If I could only wear one pair of sneakers for the rest of my life, I would wear my Jordan 1 Shadows. They’re comfy and so easy to wear and match.

@lindahelder Instagram

If you don't follow @lindahelder already, make sure you do! She always brings the best heat!

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