Get to know @charlottewhybrow

Get to know @charlottewhybrow

We’ll start this new week with another ‘Get to know’. In these series we will talk with some inspiring people in the sneaker community to learn more about the person behind the sneaker collection. This week we will get to know a very talented and inspiring female sneakerhead from the UK. Of course, we’re talking about: Charlotte (@charlottewhybrow). She’s not only into sneakers, but also creates the most amazing hand-painting t-shirts for people in the sneaker community!

Hi Charlotte! We’re so happy to have you here. For those who don’t know you, can you please introduce yourself?

Hey! My name is Charlotte, I am 23 years old and I am situated in the South East of the UK! I am an extremely creative person whether this be through my Instagram, through my love of everything art, or through my current job position as Founders Associate at @cutpark_ where we’re building an opportunity for small businesses to grow! Besides creating for Instagram and my 9-5 job, I also paint, whether this be painting my own art to hang on my walls or hand-painting t-shirts for people in the sneaker community which you can find on @charlartss.

@charlottewhybrow Instagram

@charlartss Instagram

We see a lot of sneakers on your Instagram feed! How did your passion for sneakers start?

I would still class myself as quite new to the sneaker game, and have only really been collecting for just under 3 years! I have always been obsessed with fashion either way, and this actually became a massive part of my relationship with Callum. It really started with purchasing clothing rather than sneakers, with us both hopping onto Supreme to try cop every week. This obviously kick started the sneaker interest as streetwear culture and sneakers go hand in hand. We then took a trip to NYC and this is where I felt the first rush of collecting sneakers. We were stood outside Adidas on the day of the Yeezy 700 wave runners first release, frantically trying to log into the app to reserve a pair, but of course it was US only. Then the security guard got chatting to us and told us secretly to come back at 3pm. 3pm came, we were first in the queue and we both copped a pair, and from then collecting never stopped! Since then my collection, my knowledge and my sneaker based friendships have grown so much, which has also enabled us to start up a page called @thesolematesedit which not only helps people new to the game, but educates and highlights people on important topics, whilst giving style advice!

@charlottewhybrow wearing the Jordan 4 Off-White

If you could choose any pair right now to add to your collection, which sneaker would you choose and why?

I’m really not good with decisions but obviously the Jordan 1 Chicago purely because it’s an OG pair and one of MJs most worn, and a beautiful pair! Alternatively the Nike SB Paris because they are a work of art and were designed for an art exhibition! OR the Nike SB Stussy Cherry collab, purely because they are two brands that I love wearing, and they’re designed to represent Neapolitan ice cream with the cherry on top (on the tongue). So again I love the creativity behind this pair – plus the colour way is insane!

What’s your top 3 sneakers of your collection?

I can never pick three haha, but the Off-White Jordan 4 has to be the first one. I feel like usually it has to be one with a story, but these are just simply a pair that you can’t not admire. They have the aesthetic factor, where you can’t help but take photos of them every time you get them out cause they’re just simply delicious. The shoe is beautiful in my opinion - every single detail! Next would be the Jordan 3 A Ma Maniére. Now not only is this sneaker again super neutral and easy on the eyes, but what it represents is so much bigger than that. It is a reminder to everyone of where you came from, and that in a Male Dominated world, Women are just as important. Whilst also paying respects to the Black Community and reminding us all that all we have is each other. My final pair has to be a tie between Jordan 1 Bred 2013 or Jordan 1 Satin Black Toe, both carry that classic black/red/white colour way which is iconic to Jordan brand.

Jordan 4 Off-White close up @charlottewhybrow

Jordan 3 A Ma Maniere close up @charlottewhybrow

Jordan 1 Bred close up @charlottewhybrow

If you could wear only one pair of sneakers for the rest of your life, which one would you choose and why?

Now you’re really testing me! Ok sooo I always think about if I had to get rid of my whole collection, which pair I would keep and it probably would have to be the Jordan 1 Satin Black toe again. The pair is insanely comfy and every time I get to wear them I just love how they look. I remember seeing them for the first time on someone and just knew I had to get them!

Jordan 1 Satin Black Toe close up picture @charlottewhybrow

If you're into sneakers and love some creative content, make sure you follow Charlotte on her main Instagram page @charlottewhybrow and on her art account @charlartss!

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